GAZ Auto Industria Incorporated

Gaz Auto Industria Inc.  is  a  newly established subsidiary of  CONEQUIP  Philippines Inc.  The company is the exclusive Philippines distributor of the GAZelle  NEXT  Series of Vans and Light Trucks, CITILINE and VECTOR Series of  Buses, GAZon NEXT Medium Duty Trucks, SADKO Classic and SADKO Next Medium Duty Trucks and among others, which are manufactured by Gorky Automobile Plant of the GAZ Group, in Novgorod, Russia.  More than 50,000  units  of the GAZelle , GAZon, SADKO, VECTOR and CITILINE light and medium commercial vehicles  have been sold  in  Russia, CIS and Europe.

Gaz Auto Industria Inc. was incorporated on September 23, 2020.  Its  head office is at F.E. Zuelig Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City 6014, with branches in Manila and Davao city.


By 2025, GAZ Auto Industria Incorporated will be the leading provider of superior quality , reliable, efficient, durable , stylish and safe light and medium commercial vehicles (LMCV) and accessories to pave the way for modern European automotive technology in Philippine roadways.


GAZ Auto Industria Incorporated helps improve the nation’s automotive user experience and standards by providing modern European automobile solutions and accessories to the government and private sectors.


The following organizational core values govern all our  goals, policies , procedures and the behavior of all our personnel :

Customer Focus

  • We  strive to exceed  our customers’  expectations .
  • We keep our ears and minds focused on our  customers’ needs, desires and challenges.
  • We walk the extra mile  in  attending to  our customers’  concerns .
  • Our success is measured by our customers’  satisfaction about our products and services.


  • We collaborate with all business partners and respect their business interests.
  • Our personnel  practice teamwork , open dialogue and mutual support  among themselves at all times .
  • A mistake is an opportunity, the full  benefit of which has yet to unfold and learn from .
  • We respect and protect the environment that provides us with opportunities and inputs to do business.


  • We are proud of the work and business we do.
  • We are engaged and committed to meet our goals.
  • We admit mistakes, fix them and learn from them.
  • We are proud of our achievements and celebrate our successes.


  • We are attuned  to the world around us and continue to adapt to the challenges in the environment and the industry .
  • We are innovative and find  ways to create new values and solutions .
  • We see change and transformation as a source of inspiration and energy.
  • We are open-minded and share our knowledge.


  • We have a strong and agile business instinct.
  • We have the skills, knowledge and intuition to do the right thing according to our core  values.
  • We expect a lot from ourselves and others.


  • We are prayerful and Godly in our actions.
  • We give thanks to God in everything that we do.
  • We make sure to help out our employees and others that are in need.